Friday _10.03.23160 DKK + fee

Taxi Kebab (MA/FR)

Hypnotizing French-Morrocan electro hybrid

Join us for an ecstatic night ride with French-Moroccan duo Taxi Kebab. At the intersection between clubby trance states and reappropriated Northwestern African influences they create raw and transcendent dance music.

At the crossroads of influences coming from all sides, Taxi Kebab is the collision between synthesizers, drum machines, modulated guitars and amplified buzuq.
In a re-appropriation of her father’s language, it’s through a liberating poetic register that Leïla Jiqqir (buzuq, guitar, voice) interferes with the acid arpeggios and rippling layers led by Romain Henry’s experiments with machines.

Mainly electronic, the music of the french-moroccan duo is sometimes close to krautrock, psych or techno influences, haunted by the specter of North African roots. Revealing some disordered identities fragments, their music is a night ride, through roads and landscapes into a rough, psyche sound, disoriented and “dis-oriental”.

After their first single Lmchi w Rjou3 (May 2019) and three years of tour throughout France and Europe, the duo released their second single Ttabla (Nowadays Records) in September 2021.

ALICE at Stairway
While the concert hall at Nørre Allé 7 is getting a new ventilation system, ALICE is moving into the music venue Stairway in Vanløse on January 1st 2023.


Friday _10.03.23
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 160 DKK + fee

Aflyst160 DKK