Friday _10.04.20120 DKK + fee

Phurpa (RU) + Vū / XMTR (DE)

Ritual chanting and doom

As a consequence of the widespread situation with corona virus, the concert on april 10th has been cancelled. We’re working on alternative dates and are hoping to give more information about that as soon as possible. More info on the Corona situation and ALICE here

ALICE proudly presents a night of modern Bön with the ritualistic Russian group Phurpa.


Phurpa are a musical collective and performance group – a darkling clan of ritual musicians upholding performative practices from one of the oldest Buddhist traditions from Tibet. Their ‘singing’ technique is intensely specific: a tantric, gutteral song from the depth of the throat. Spawned by the mind of Alexei Tegin, Phurpa brings the sacral Bön´s chanting tradition to the modern electronic scenario, through the use of the old tibetan chant´s technique, as well as the use of some proper tibetan´s sacral music instruments, like tibetan trumpets and percussions. The leitmotiv of Phurpa´s music art is always the same: bringing the Bön tradition to the experimental music panorama, through a dark, heavy and extremely engulfing aura, which emanates from their live´s aesthetic as well.


Along for the night they’re bringing the German project Vū that will perform together with audiovisual project XMTR. Vū embraces a corporeal approach to the composition by using his voice and playing percussions, achieving a ritualistic and meditative sound. Part of the visual art collective mraak, XMTR presents different sound experiences through field recordings, drones, granular texturization, diy synths and circuit-bent radios.

Friday _10.04.20
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 120 DKK + fee

Aflyst120 DKK