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Post-traditional Circassian folk music with modern undertones

With a post-traditional take on Circassian folk music, the collective Jrpjej creates beautifully resonating encounters between acoustic string and percussion instruments, traditional vocal melodies, and choir. Following five releases on Ored Recordings and collaborations with, among others, the English electro-folk duo Stick In The Wheel, they are now embarking on a European tour with a new lineup, gracing ALICE during the opening week on Nørre Allé.

Jrpjej is constantly striving to find its own unique sound within the framework of the traditional canon. The Circassian music community from the North Caucasus describes their music as post-traditional, exclusively utilizing acoustic string instruments like shichepshin and apapshin, percussion, and accordion, beautifully complemented by traditional vocal melodies and choir. Jrpjej’s music is simultaneously original and contemporary – their innovative approach to melodies and songs renders the sound dense and provides a strong, almost experimentally electronic feel. Therefore, Jrpjej more frequently performs at avant-garde and experimental music festivals, avoiding traditional folk festival formats.

Supported by the record label Ored Recordings, since 2018, Jrpjej has been promoting the idea of Circassian and more broadly North Caucasian traditional music as part of contemporary art in their region. Since 2021, Jrpjej has performed in Europe at festivals and venues such as Unsound, Le Guess Who?, Worm, and OCCI. In addition to 5 albums on Ored Recordings, the band has recorded collaborations with the English electro-folk duo Stick In The Wheel, the American-Georgian electronic musician and ethnographer Ben Wheeler, and worked with the French documentary filmmaker Vincent Moon. For their European tour in 2024, Jrpjej has assembled a new program and a new lineup of Circassians living in Nalchik, Ankara, and Düsseldorf. Additionally, French improvisational violin virtuoso Frederic Jouhannet has joined Jrpjej. We are honored to present Jrpjej as part of the opening week.

Tuesday _10.09.24
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