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Friday _09.10.2050 DKK + fee

Himmelrum release show

Kraut and experimental rock

Danish band Himmelrum celebrates the release of their third album with a release show at ALICE.

Please note: ALICE carefully follows the COVID-19 regulations from the Danish authorities. All concerts in September and October will take place seated and with a very limited amount of tickets. Read more about ALICE and COVID-19 here.
Note: Pay what you want – 50, 100 or 200 dkk.

Himmelrum is a band from Copenhagen playing colorful, ecstatic and glitchy rock music. This evening celebrates the release of Himmelrum’s third album.

Using a wide sound palette featuring guitars, trumpet, drums and danish vocals, the band let their songs develop, intertwine and stretch out as far as needed (some songs move past the 15-minute mark). The band is both perfectionistic and highly detail-oriented in its way of creating their songs and aesthetic, and at the same time they embrace improvisation. Their live shows are uncompromising and unpredictable. The four members of Himmelrum come from various different musical backgrounds resulting in an eclectic sound that wishes to push the borders of what rock music can be. The lyrics are written in plenum but are still deeply personal and its themes are many faceted.

The band has released two albums – one in ’17 and one in ’18 as a part of the DIY-cooperative Honeyland Palace, most recently “​Free Camping Romania” ​released in October ’18. Both of these albums are instrumental and heavily krautrock influenced. “Free Camping Romania” was written and partly recorded on a journey through Eastern Europe.

The band has deep roots in the danish DIY-scene, but lately they have played major venues in Denmark with names such as Damo Suzuki of legendary band Can and Crack Cloud (CA). Himmelrum was booked to play ​Roskilde Festival​ 2020.

Friday _09.10.20
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 50 DKK + fee

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