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Clarissa Connelly (LATE) – SOLD OUT

Experimental folk, modern pop, and Celtic traditions

Clarissa Connelly’s otherworldly fusion of experimental folk, modern pop, and Celtic traditions has resonated far beyond Danish borders in recent years. Now, the Scottish-born, Copenhagen-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer is releasing a new album on the iconic British label Warp Records in the spring. ALICE presents an exclusive concert with Clarissa Connelly at Akvariet at Eik Skaløes Plads in May. Please note: The ticket sales start on February 15th at 10 AM. Tickets are limited.

Scottish-born, Copenhagen-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Clarissa Connelly is becoming one of the major names emerging from the Danish alternative scene. Her distinct music combines modern pop and experimental folk with Celtic and medieval undertones, possessing a quality that is almost childlike, warm, and whimsical, yet also exudes dark sensuality, unrest, and existential fear. Connelly is known for her use of complex arrangements, grandiose chords, and rich, eclectic instrumentation, drawing the listener into moods of baroque aesthetics and primal beauty. Her compositions always exist on the border between the mundane and the supernatural, with lyrical and musical roots in Celtic folklore – something that is clearly heard in Connelly’s experimental vocal technique.

Clarissa Connelly gained international attention with “Tech Duinn” in 2018, a hypnotic EP with ties to Celtic mythology. For her latest album “The Voyager” (2021), Connelly physically traversed the Scandinavian landscape, channeling melodies from ancient pre-Christian sites. “The Voyager” was accompanied by the Vandringen app, inviting the audience to participate virtually and interact musically with these locations. The album received international acclaim and was awarded the prestigious Nordic Music Prize.

Her latest release, “World of Work,” will be released on the iconic Warp Records in April. The album is both more intimate and cosmic in scope than its predecessors, drawing inspiration from visionary literature, dreams, and meditative walks. While “The Voyager” explores the sacred history of the Nordic landscape, “World of Work” explores the metaphysical landscape of the soul. The listener is invited on an inner journey, alternating between quiet, ecstatic, and enchanting moments. Created with a playful spirit, the album is filled with various moods and expressions that beautifully accompany Connelly’s dream-like synthesis of Nordic folk music, medieval chants, and modern pop. ALICE presents an exclusive concert with Clarissa Connelly at Akvariet in May. Please note that tickets are limited.

Friday _10.05.24
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