Sort/Hvid, Gyldendal and ALICE call out for cross-aesthetic works

Photo: Emilia Therese

Sort/Hvid, last year selected by The Danish Arts Council as a scene for music theatre from 2021-2024, is in collaboration with Gyldendal and ALICE now inviting musicians and artists to create a free musical and scenic interpretation of one out of four litterary works with important political themes such as births, gender, violence and climate apocalyptic visions. The projects will be developed in close collaboration with Sort/Hvid. No matter if you are a musician, scenographer or a third kind of artist, this is an amazing posibility to participate in cross-aesthetic collaborations with super skilled institutions. The chosen projects will be performed at S/H as part of the season 2022-2023. Deadline for applying is October 15. Go to link in bio for more info here.