Sunday 19.04.2020150 DKK

Mamer – ⻢木尔 (CN)

Kazakh folk and industrial

Due to the widespread global situation with Corona virus, Mamer has sadly been forced to cancel his Spring tour. This means that the concert at ALICE on April 19th is cancelled. All purchased tickets will be refunded via Billetto. Please stay tuned about updates on ALICE and the Corona virus situation here.

Mamer is a Chinese musician and composer whose work has included free improvisation, noise music, minimalism, drone, rock and traditional music. In 1970, Mamer was born in a Kazakh family. He was raised in Xinjiang, one of ten children for whom singing and playing the dombra, a kind of two-string lute, was as much a part of life as sunrise. 


As an avant-garde composer, Mamer keeps his experimental spirit in his work. He uses his electric bass to turn reality into a kaleidoscope – out of focus, fragmented but magical. Behind the wall of the mottled and ever-changing sounds, there is starlight shining upon and desert stretching beneath. Even if your consciousness were brought to Kazakh grasslands for a brief stay, it would be nothing but a mirage. Call it “beautiful noise” or “violent tenderness”, every single note he plays comes out with its own objection, projecting an anomalously captivating world of mystery. In recent years, Mamer and his bands often appear on many different music festivals including Tomorrow Festival and Strawberry Music Festival of Modern Sky. This April he will play his first Danish show ever at ALICE.

Sunday 19.04.2020
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 150 DKK incl. fee