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Eta Margondang ID

Reinterpretations of gondang music by Indonesian teenagers

Gondang is music rooted in nature – the rice fields, volcanoes, and jungle. But what happens when a group of young people brings the sound into the present with synths, electric guitar, and internet access?

An exceptional opportunity to experience local music from rural regions in Sumatra – exposed to keyboards, electric guitar, and other “conventional” instruments. Eta Margondang is a group consisting of nine young, brilliantly talented Indonesian musicians who carry on the tradition of traditional gondang music in a globalized context and in their own musical language.

From villages deep in the jungle around Lake Toba in northern Sumatra, the ritual folk music called gondang originates. But in the last 10-20 years, synths, drum pads, and electric bass have begun to appear on the radar of young people in rural areas. This exciting encounter between simple, local music and globalized internet influences is the essence of Eta Margondang.

Gondang, named after a drum, is highly percussive and contains breathtakingly beautiful passages where interlocking circular patterns are woven in and out with subtle shifts and overlaps. The compositions illustrate how modern minimalists like Terry Riley have drawn inspiration from non-Western musical traditions.

Eta Margondang provide an entry point to Indonesian music that is previously unheard for many. Most people probably associate Indonesian music with gamelan orchestras. However, while gamelan is originally court music is associated with the upper class, played on instruments made of precious metals, gondang has its roots in less privileged rural regions in northern Sumatra.

Gondang music is underexposed, even in Indonesia. Eta Margondang has emerged from a cultural project which has strengthened the ecosystems of gondang music through video and technical equipment, ensuring its preservation and providing local musicians with an artistic platform to express themselves.

It is rare for individuals from that region to travel internationally at all, so we are immensely proud to present this beautiful and captivating music at a venue in Copenhagen. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear gondang music for the YouTube era!


Wednesday 11.10.2023
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
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