Sunday 27.02.2022

Escho release: Astrid Sonne & Puyain Sanati

Release celebration

Escho and ALICE invites you to a double-release celebration for Astrid Sonne’s “outside of your lifetime” (vinyl) and Puyain Sanati’s “Parallel Process”. A perfect Sunday afternoon with live music, playable rooms, vinyls and tapes.

On February 27th we invite you to spend your Sunday afternoon in good company with Copenhagen record label Escho as we celebrate the release of Astrid Sonne’s “outside of your lifetime” (vinyl) and Puyain Sanati’s “Parallel Process”. Both artists will perform live, and you will also get the chance to immerse yourself in Astrid Sonne’s beautiful playable rooms or get your hands on the two records. It all takes place in Musikhuset København, Vesterbrogade 59, 2-5 pm, and entrance is free.

Astrid Sonne “outside of your lifetime” (2021)
“outside of your lifetime” is the third release from Copenhagen-based composer and viola player Astrid Sonne. Highlighted by Pitchfork as one of the best electronic albums of 2021, “outside of your lifetime” presents 10 different states of being, 3 of which have been portrayed by new media artist Aske Zidore as “playable rooms”. A precisely created record that Sonne arrived at via improvisation, trimming, and reassembly. It is made with keys, strings, voice, and buttons. The compositions appear like sculptures. Many of the instruments and inputs on the record are carefully processed to efface their personality, so their origins are never exactly clear. One may follow seamless transitions between pure generated oscillating waves and true ten-finger choral organ work. Other tracks present fierce waveforms through a shimmery rotary pulse, heated and perfectly suited for the live experience of the music. Hands-on and hands-off effects bleed into each other, and one often can’t tell the difference.

Puyain Sanati “Parallel Process” (2022) 
Departing from a scene of gridded club music, “Parallel Process” is Puyain Sanatis first step into a world of more abstract soundscapes, using solely acoustic sources of sound such as piano, double bass, flute, and cymbals in ambient and free movements, which has been created through guided improvisational sessions with different ensembles. The music stretches from eerie passages with simple melodic elements through pensive piano pieces, anticipatory percussion, and meditative states of being. Connecting the different instruments is their fellow belonging to something metallic, a fascination which is also mirrored through the track titles. Pieces like “Metalist” and “Felez” (farsi for steel or metal) highlight this directly, whereas others like “Forza” and “Wrestler” point towards a more relational or perhaps even forceful approach to metal as material; blown, hit, stroked.

Sunday 27.02.2022
Doors at: 14:00
Concert at: 14:00
Price: DKK incl. fee